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TK Maxx

As the holidays approach, some of you may be heading to USA to complete your Christmas shopping with some original gifts and bargains from across the Channel. Perfect timing, therefore, to share with you one of my USA tips: TK Maxx.

It is about a USA chain of destocking of brands belonging to an American group, whose first store opened its doors in Bristol in the mid-1990s. Since then, TK Maxx has made small: we find this sign in most major cities in the USA, but also in Ireland, Poland and Germany. But not in USA, unfortunately – as usual, I want to say. TK Maxx’s slogan is self-explanatory: “Big Labels, Small Prices”.

TK Maxx differs from other similar stores in two ways. First, the stores are not located in desolate shopping areas, but right in the city ​​center. In USA, for example, a store opened last year near Tottenham Court Road station, in the heart of the city. Second, these stores do not focus on just one type of product like clothing. Of course, street clothes for women and men occupy most of the sales area, but there are also shoes, sportswear, underwear, home accessories (bed linen, kitchen utensils). Cooking, candles…), but also… cosmetics!

It’s the latter that I’ll of course tell you about, but to give you an idea of ​​what I bought there outside of beauty: a CK Calvin Klein top at $20, Puma sneakers at $25, a Roxy Quicksilver dress at $25, Tommy Hilfiger jeans at $35… For luxury lovers, there is a “Gold Labels” section in the clothing department with items from top brands, such as Valentino, Maison Martin Margiela, Stella McCartney…

Three tips for getting the best deals:

The brands and products present vary a lot from store to store, and from day to day, with deliveries being daily. If you are a tourist, come in to see if it’s your lucky day; for expats’, do not hesitate to take a look every time you find one on your way! Do not be shy: unlike the clearance stores that we meet in USA, the TK Maxx are much better organized and downright less messy (the civility of the USA may play a role); of course you have to dig a bit, but we are not at Babou’s for all that!

If you are going to a major city other than USA, be sure to stop by the local TK Maxx. In cities that are less touristic, less large or less “wealthy”, it is not necessarily the products of the best brands that disappear first, because consumers do not seem to be attracted by the same products as in USA (the “section” Gold Label ”is often well supplied). I have done excellent business in Leeds and Plymouth in particular.

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