To invest in the share market one needs to understand what a share market is and how it works, share markets are those markets where one can buy or sell a company’s shares, buying shares of a company means buying some percentage of ownership of that company, that means one becomes the holder of a percentage of that company, there are different sectors of companies which one can invest in like technology, healthcare, energy, IT, Banking Finance and insurance, real estate, automotive industry and many more, an example of this could be NIVIDA corp. which is a popular tech company known for developing Integrated circuits, and the largest manufacturer of Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), the share prices of such large companies usually fluctuate as the current NVIDIA share price is 469 USD. Similarly, there are many other small and large-cap companies that one can consider investing in to dive into the pool of stock markets.


Investing in the share market can be rewarding and risky at the same time, so here are some tips to consider while investing to profit from this.

1) Set Clear Goals: One should set clear financial goals whether they want to make long-term or short-term investments, short term investments can be done for either quick profits, liquidity needs, or for income generation. At the same time, long-term investments can be made for wealth accumulation, retirement, buying a house, or any other big financial goals.

2) Diversify: It is important to diversify one’s investment by investing in multiple stocks, this reduces and spreads the risk of losing all the capital in just one sector, one needs to diversify their portfolio so that crashes in one or two sectors or companies do not affect all the capital which is pooled there, saving one from incurring heavy loss.

3) Research: Studying the market is one of the crucial things one should do before investing in any company, this involves comparing the stocks and shares of the company with others in the same sector, analyzing the past performances of the companies, over the years growth of the industry etc.

4) Risk Management: As share markets are of the riskiest investing options it is important to know the risk tolerance, it helps protect capital and minimize potential losses, this can be done through managing one’s assets wisely, identifying how much loss a person can incur, diversification, dollar cost averaging, long term perspective and avoidance of emotional decision making, keeping in mind these aspects can result into generating of greater profits.


To profit from investing in the stock market, it is advisable to invest in large well-known companies that are doing good in the market and are predicted to do so in the future whose demand keeps increasing in the market, one such company could be Broadcom Inc. is an American multinational designer, manufacturer, and supplier company specializing in a  wide range of semiconductor and infrastructure software products, the shares of such companies are also generally higher like Broadcom share price is around 905 USD as they help generate long term profits, in India there are several platforms online trading platforms which provides the facility of trading and investing in these global companies one of which is 5paisa which has the lowest brokerage fees in the industry and various others options of investing in such large cap companies.


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