Exploring Your Career Options as a Mechanical Engineer

Career Advice for a Reservoir Engineer
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When it comes to classic engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering stands as one of the oldest. It also stands as one of the most versatile as engineers of these types have many options for a career. It is the field of study most concerned with the design, production, and operation of machines and mechanical systems. Consider these career possibilities with a degree of this type.

Automotive Design and Manufacturing

This field focuses on the design, development, fabrication, and testing of vehicles and vehicular components. As a mechanical engineer, you may be involved with research and/or direct application of design principles to building vehicles and their parts. Your area of focus may include performance, safety, noise and vibration, or electronics. Automotive engineers often work in teams. It’s a hands-on discipline that includes using computers or engine testing with a dynamometer such as the Crosby Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Florida.

Architecture and Facility Design

Buildings of every shape and size need mechanical systems such as piping and HVAC for comfort and function. Mechanical engineers bring their expertise and education to designing systems that meet the usage needs of these facilities. You’ll work as part of a team that includes architects, structural engineers, and specialists to create a set of blueprints for a contractor to build. 

Research and Development

Because mechanical engineers study the design and production of machinery, many go on to work in research and development. This includes jobs in academia as well as working on cutting-edge projects in technology. A career in this area may also include testing and optimizing existing technologies and processes.

Mechanical engineers play important roles in society. From technology to transportation, and the built environment among others, students of mechanical engineering programs have many options for fulfilling and high-paying jobs. Consider this field if you like to solve problems, fix machines, and work in teams.


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