Types Of Injuries In Road Traffic Accidents


Personal injury claims are quite common in the UK, and road traffic accidents represent the biggest segment of these claims. Road traffic accidents are serious mishaps that can damage you in multiple ways; a severe physical injury leading to permanent disabilities, the mental trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder that follows after such painful incidents, and the financial burden one has to suffer from when their body isn’t able to work.

Fortunately, the number of serious road accidents have decreased over the years in the UK, thanks to sound policies and rules being followed. However, there is still a need for a lot of improvement as thousands of clashes and collisions are still reported every year.

Here we have listed down some of the most common and severe injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are inarguably the worst type of injuries that occur as a result of road accidents. Any driver or passenger can suffer from traumatic brain damage, which happens when the head comes violently in contact with the dashboard or any other object. Several head injuries occur depending on which area of the brain got damaged and the severity of the damage.

At times head injuries can look very bad, open head injuries include cuts and wounds that see a lot of bleeding and they require stitches. However, these open head injuries are mostly cured with the right medical care and rest. The worst are invisible injuries that are caused by the extreme force of the impact that pushes the brain inside the skull. Consequently, internal bleeding starts, leading to bruising, swelling, and other severe brain problems.

  • Neck Problems

Another very usual consequence of road traffic incidents is neck strains. Neck strains can be mild like a whiplash that heals in some time, while some neck injuries are severe like disc problems or cervical dislocations.

  • Spine Injuries

Back injuries and spinal cord issues can make a person disable for life. Damages on the spinal cord happen when dislocated pieces of bones, disc fragments, or ligament tears affect the cord tissues. This affects the axons on the nerve cells that are responsible for carrying signals along the spine to the brain. In case the damage to the spinal cord is intense, it can leave the victim with a loss of feeling.

  • Facial Injuries

The face is one of the most vulnerable body parts in the event of road accidents. Facial injuries are common and they occur due to serious collisions against the steering or dashboard of the car, and in most cases, the broken glasses of the windshield and side glasses also damage the face of the driver and passengers. The intensity of these injuries varies depending on the severity of impact. From mild bruises and scratches to jaw bone fracture, lacerations, dental issues, and other facial disorders can happen as a result of car accidents.

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