Weird things to do in Greenville


There are many things to do in Greenville for weekend visitors, from eating wonderful food to exploring nature, admiring art, and checking out some interesting venues. Greenville includes standard tourist attractions, such as a lively Main Street, Riverside Gardens, a suspension bridge, and Falls Park on the Reedy River, which provides waterfall views. For those seeking something different from traditional tourist attractions, there are eight strange or unusual things to do in Greenville after booking Allegiant airlines tickets.

The Devil’s Kitchen

The Devil’s Kitchen is a creepy region of Caesars Head Mountain, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, located in northern Greenville County. Caesars Head is called for a granitic gneiss rock structure that resembles Julius Caesar and is positioned atop a bluff.

To observe this, you must go a short trail to the viewing point, which happens to pass via a tight passageway between two massive rocks. The Devil’s Kitchen is the name of this pass. The rocky fissure is just large enough for a person to pass through and the stairs plunge deep into it. Add this in your list after booking Allegiant airlines tickets.


Chihuly is a well-known glass sculptor whose work can be found in museums worldwide, so finding a large pink rock candy sculpture at the edge of a parking lot where it would be easily overlooked was delightfully strange. Within Harriet’s Garden, the Rose Crystal Tower measures 22 feet tall and is made of Polyvitro crystals and steel, but it looks like glass. Harriet Wyche, a lifetime Greenville resident and community volunteer, was a driving force behind the creation of Falls Park. Make sure to book tickets in advance with allegiant airlines Booking.

Herdklotz Park

Families, laughing children, and people playing on the athletic fields and playgrounds and picnicking in the pavilions abound in Herdklotz Park. However, there have been tales of terrifying sounds late at night, ranging from screams of pain to a simple bell ringing nearby. Herdklotz Park transforms from a fun family environment to a scary haunting scene when the light goes down.

Tiny Town

Since 1974, southerners have made Tiny Town a holiday tradition. It began with a single modest duplicate of a log home and grew to over 80 structures in 2009, forming a miniature town. Tiny Town fell into disrepair after the proprietors, Perry and Ollie Jennings, died, and only 25 systems remain. Their offspring have taken over the task of keeping Tiny Town afloat today. Book your Allegiant Flight ticket in winters to see Christmas lights draped around the structures, creating a festive ambiance for families to enjoy.

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This stone bridge

This stone bridge connected Greenville, North Carolina, and Asheville, North Carolina. The natural terrain surrounding the bridge is stunning, and the bridge itself features a 14-foot-tall Gothic arch that spans 130 feet across Little Gap Creek. The bridge and the most magnificent, quiet forest with the creek running through the turn are only a short walk from the parking lot. Make sure to travel down to the lowest level to see the bridge from a different perspective. It’s almost like you’re staring through a gateway to Narnia when you walk through the arch and it will give you a feeling of satisfaction on Allegiant Booking.


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